Benefits of Over-the-Phone Interpreting Services

Hiring a professional interpreting service provider is easy today. No matter which part of the world you live in, you will find top-quality interpreting service providers everywhere. The reason behind it is the high demand for professional interpreters. Corporate globalization, immigration, business expansion, and medical research require skilled interpreters.

Be it a foreign language or the American Sign Language; you can hire the services of an interpreter according to your requirements. The agencies can offer you four different types of interpreters, including simultaneous, consecutive, and whisper interpreters. No matter which interpreter you hire, you will have three options. You can choose on-site interpreters, Video Remote interpreting, and over-the-phone interpreting services!

Over-the-Phone Interpretation Services

Over-the-Phone interpreting – OPI, is not a new concept and has been popular since the very beginning. It requires a three-way call between the interpreter and two other parties. The two parties on the call include one that speaks the native language while the other speaking the foreign language. An interpreter facilitates the conversation by ensuring that both parties can exchange accurate information.

The popularity of over-the-phone interpreting services is on the rise due to the numerous benefits it offers to the world.

Low Cost

The first and foremost factor that makes OPI a top choice for the clients is the fact that it helps in cost reduction. OPI has come as a perfect replacement for on-site interpretation. Even though on-site interpreting has its own set of unique features, OPI has become the most popularly chosen medium of interpretation type.

An on-site interpreter is costly as it includes extra costs such as commute, accommodation, and hourly rates. With an over-the-phone interpreter, you can minimize these costs and still benefit from top-quality interpretation.


Over-the-phone interpretation brings convenience in the lives of all organizations and institutes. OPI is a service that is available all around the clock. Moreover, it can benefit companies in times of emergencies.

OPI can cater to the urgent need of an interpreter. The only thing you need to opt for OPI is a phone and a stable network.

Perfect for Small Projects

Be it a medical consultation or a one-to-one corporate meeting, OPIs can significantly help people. It is the cheapest and the most reliable form of interpreting service for small-scale projects!

There are other types of interpreting services that you can choose, but OPI offers the highest degree of convenience. If you want OPI services urgently, you can contact Frederick Interpreting Agency ( They have the most qualified, experienced, and skilled interpreters on board.