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Benefits of Using Interpreting Services

Medical interpreting services is an essential part of every hospital or healthcare facility as the linguistic barrier continues to put a strain on patient-doctor communication. However, many hospitals do not have the appropriate resources on how to provide the best communication services to cater to their patients which in these case they are unable to bridge the communication gap between the doctor and patients. Several studies have indicated that the communication gap between doctors and patients in the US has led to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment, in some cases the mistakes were fatal. Here are some of the major benefits to be had if you have on-site sign langauge interpreter

Effective Communication between The Patient and Doctor

One of the most important steps in getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment is to acquire patient history. With a language barrier in place, most patients are unable to convey what they are allergic to, what medications they are currently taking, share any other underlying chronic illnesses and much more crucial information. A professional interpreter providing sign language interpreting services will be able to provide effective communication between the patient and doctor as the sign language interpreter will be fluent in the language along with having the medical jargon needed to communicate the medical issue the patient may be having.

Reliable Information

Unfortunately, in some cases, business entities will hire “interpreters” who do not poses the adequate language skills to be able to interpret in such settings nor do they have the required licensing or experience in medical interpreting. If you choose to hire a professional sign language interpreter or any other language interpreter, this will assist the doctors and the other paramedical staff to able to communicate effectively in order to collect reliable information about the condition of the patient.

Communicate Stressful Information or Deliver Bad News

Anything can happen in a hospital either good or fatal. Many bilingual families in the United States rely on their children for interpretation, however, children or other family members might not be the best source for sharing crucial information or delivering bad news to the patients. Children are prone to stress and anxiety if they hear the bad news first. So it’s essential to have a professional onsite interpreter to assist in breaking any disturbing or positive news to the family of the patient. If the hospital does not have an on-site interpreter, they can request a video remote interpreting service provider which shall allow the doctors to deliver news to the patients in the right way. A professional sign language interpreter will be able to communicate news through his or her sign language skills easily and correctly.

Awareness about Religious and Cultural Norms

Professional language interpreters work with people from diverse cultures and religions. They are aware of the cultural and religious beliefs of the patients. This could be helpful in sharing information about the dietary restriction of the patient. Moreover, experts in interpretation and sign language communication play a vital role in understanding the body language of the patient, which could give the doctors more insight into the condition of the patient.

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David Johnson

That’s interesting that if there is miscommunication, mistakes in diagnosis can be made. I have some family visiting from a different country. We’ll have to look into language translation for them.



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