Growth of the US from Immigration – Demand of Interpreters

The world that we live in today is shrinking as the language and culture barriers are not a problem anymore. Globalization of businesses and immigration are the two most significant results of a shrunken world. More people are stepping out of their countries to grab better opportunities. The United States of America is one of the countries where the immigrant population is skyrocketing.

Immigration and the United States of America

By the year 2065, immigration will account for 88% of the US population growth. Currently, 13.6% of the entire US population comprises immigrants, which is three times that of the number from 1970. California, Texas, and New York are the three places that account for 45% of the total immigrant population of the country.

Not all immigrants that cross the borders to enter the US are proficient in English. A major percentage of the immigrant population are victims of limited English proficiency. It becomes a problem for them, and they stay deprived of even the most basic necessities of life, such as educational and professional opportunities, and even high-quality health care.

Demand and Role of Interpreters

With the immigrant population increasing with every passing day, it has become crucial for the country to bring professional interpreters in various fields such as educational, healthcare, and corporate sector. The demand for interpreters in the United States of America is higher than it has ever been. The number of interpretation service providers in the country is at a rise as more companies and organizations are looking forward to bringing interpreters on board.

The healthcare sector is incorporating on-site and on-phone interpretation services in compliance with the Americans of the disability Act of 1990. These interpreters ensure that people with limited English proficiency receive high-quality medical care.

The educational institutes are hiring professional interpreters to ensure that every student gets equal educational opportunities, and their disabilities do not get in their way of success.

As the immigrants are contributing to the growth of the US population, it is evident that the demand for interpreters will keep on rising. If you need the best quality and reliable interpretation services, we at Frederick Interpreting Agency are there to serve you with our team of qualified interpreters!