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How To Accommodate Your Patients Through Usage of Interpreting Services

Why are Professional Interpretation Services Necessary?

In the US, over 46 million people lack American English proficiency needed to communicate with a medical professional. Imagine yourself in a scenario where you or your loved one isn’t well or you’ve been through a tragic accident. You rush to the hospital but the language barrier between the medical experts and you becomes a hindrance in getting the right treatment. Professional medical interpreting services including sign language interpreting services will essentially assist in bridging this communication gap.

Professional Interpretation Helps Prevent Miscommunication

The medical field has long been plagued with language barriers specifically in serious medical emergencies. The medical staff and doctors need to ask about the nature of the patient’s symptoms and their medical history.

The doctors generally need to rely on the language skills of a friend or a family member, which could lead to misinterpretation, incorrect or misunderstood information in the absence of a language interpretation expert. As the language barrier continues to persist, the need for an experienced interpreter for hospitals and medical care centers is essential.

Interpretation Services and Diagnosis

One of the major concerns among American doctors is that a language barrier may lead to an incorrect diagnosis, which ultimately may lead to the wrong treatment. Incorrect treatment can be fatal in several medical emergencies. A professional language interpretation service is the need of the hour, as it will assist in accurate information sharing concerning the illness, injuries, and other underlying symptoms.

In most cases, particularly in Spanish speaking bilingual American families, children are the only form of reliable communication channel between the doctor and patient. First generation children speak English with fluency compared to their parents. In hospitals, the children usually do the talking and translation. However, the problem is that most young adults are unaware of the actual medical terms and jargon to help the doctors understand the symptoms of their loved ones. Often an 11-year-old or younger child will be acting as an interpreter between the patient and the doctor, which could potentially have dangerous consequences. Children might make critical errors in translation leading to miscommunication.

Improved Patient Satisfaction Rate

With adequate interpreting services at any medical facility or a hospital, the patient, the doctors, and other medical experts will have a smooth communication channel. Relying on mediocre ad-hoc translators and interpreters will be counterproductive with devastating negative effects if the wrong medication is administrated due to miscommunication. When patients get adequate treatment due to effective communication, the patient satisfaction level will improve significantly.

After English, Spanish is the second most common language in the US. Several Spanish-speaking families lack proficiency in English language which prevents them from explaining their injuries and other symptoms to a doctor conveniently. Acquiring or taking assistance from professional Spanish interpreting services will make translating information from Spanish to English simple and easy. It will go a long way in establishing a better care plan for the patient. The hospital will be able to accommodate bilingual patients if a professional interpreter is available. With on-site interpretation services, doctors and patients will be able to communicate effortlessly and exchange information about treatment and symptoms.

Sign Language Interpreter for Better Patient Accommodation

It’s essential for hospitals to have a sign language interpretation expert. Video Remote Interpreting is an easy solution for hospitals who require sign language experts to communicate with the doctor on behalf of the patient. If a hospital receives a deaf patient with a serious life-threatening condition/injury, a sign language expert on instant video call will be able to assist the doctors in extracting essential patient information.

The Bottom Line

Sign language and other interpreting services will allow hospitals to be more accommodating towards the needs of their patients. With the language barrier out of the way, doctors and health care professionals will be able to assist the patient in the best way possible.

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