Importance of Choosing the Right Interpreter for Global Events

A global event is an event in which takes place in a grand ideal location to facilitate the enormous anticipated visitors that are to come. Usually, a global event such as the International Expo shows is a considerable and exceptional global event which can take months in advance to prepare. Apart from considering vendors, stage or booth setups and technology device connectivity set-ups, other considerations such as interpretation service center may just be ideal for a global event. It is essential to consider this factor, simply because a global event houses visitor from around the world, speaking different languages and dialects, therefore not everyone will understand a specific language, and there is no such thing as a universal language at Global events. In this review, we will be discussing how interpretation services are vitally important for global events.

Different People from Around the World

Global events are usually found filled with an array of different people that are coming from different types of backgrounds and ethnicities. Under this condition, a portion of the audience may find it rather difficult to enjoy themselves at the global event- especially if they are having trouble understanding what is being conveyed or offered at the event. While some businesses may not find this as a big of a deal, it is deflation in terms of potential sales for some businesses that do not go the extra mile to ensure proper communication. Nevertheless, it also deflates a business reputation and, as the inability to administer interpretation services is unattractive.

Which Areas Interpreters Best Work in During a Global Events?

Directions & Coordination

Direction and coordination are one of many problems that foreigners usually face, simply because of the directional signs in such event are displayed in a language that they may not be so aware of. These factors can make the experience all challenging, making the visitors regret their considerations to even attend such a global event.

The following are some problematic areas that many are faced with:

  1. Trouble reading boards, signs, symbols
  2. Trouble understand the specific language that is being spoken
  3. Trouble understanding signup forms, emergency segments
  4. Trouble messaging their own major concerns
  5. Trouble raising questions or objections during sessions

Choosing the Right Interpretation Agency

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional agency that provides high-quality interpretation services is the fact that most agencies have the capacity to provide an array of languages/dialect experts, regardless of the type of population a global event may be expecting. Specialize online agencies usually provide thousands of different language and dialect capabilities. Mandarin Chinese is one of the most popular languages spoken around the world with a population rate of 1,213,000,000 people in the world that speak this language. Businesses can find a number of agencies online that provide high-quality interpretation services; however, it can be expensive and can be insufficient if such a company/agency doesn’t provide as many languages that are expected to be spoken at the global event. Therefore, in order for global events to administer the right source for such a global event, the following should be considered;

  • First determine the type of populations are expected and determine if the agency that the business is inquiring with, have the capacity of expertise in providing interpretation services for those types of languages
  • Discover and learn about the agency and its professionals. Determine the level of experience they have and the years of discipline that has been dedicated to the set(s) of language or dialect that has been studied. One essential way to ensure accuracy is to go for a small trial by providing the agency with an interpretation test trial. This way, businesses, and global event managers will be able to determine two major things;
  1. This will help seeker(s) determine if the agency can interpret in a timely manner and that not too much time has been consumed in translation procedures.
  2. Accuracy is key, individuals should be looking for preciseness and accuracy
  3. Determine if the agency has the patience to bear the difficulties of some individuals that try to convey their concerns or problems in the best effort possible, even though they don’t know the language that they are attempting to speak or convey a message in isn’t don’t very well.
  4. Determine if the agency pricing and fee structure are exceptional and affordable, as a global event will need more than one interpreter on the site.

Final Thoughts

As a golden rule, global event managers should consider the benefits of considering interpretation services for their events. By administering such a feature, event managers can increase the productivity rate of the event and increase the expectation between the relationship of the business and visitors from around the world. To learn more about interpretation services for global events, please visit or contact us!