On-Demand VRI Revolutionizing Patient Care

In the healthcare domain, new technology has advanced the level of care which is provided to the patients. VRI has increased engagement with patients, elevated the level of communication between the patients and the healthcare provider.

VRI is used among patients with Deaf or hard hearing and people with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). It is essential in terms of implementing a secure and compliant VRI. VRI is a professional interpreting tool that is used globally.

Here is how VRI has transformed the healthcare domain:


With the use of VRI, healthcare providers reach interpreters that are medically qualified with the help of just a few presses of a button. VRI has been reported to increase the satisfaction level among patients with LEP or the ones who are deaf.


According to the Affordable Care Act section 1557, all patients have the right to be informed about their medical condition, follow-up plan, and the medication that they will be provided. All suitable measures must be taken under consideration to ensure information is understood by the patient.

With the help of VRI, patients can have a strong communication with their health providers and have an engaging relation in designing better healthcare plans resulting in better outcomes for the patient.


VRI stands apart from other forms of communication, especially in the domain of healthcare. It combines the benefit of face to face interpretation with on-demand OPI nature. The approach is cost-effective, mobile and instant. It increases the productivity of the interpreter eliminating cost and travel time.

In situations of emergency, when a medically qualified interpreter, the language that is required is not available at hand, in such a case, VRI can be very valuable. Depending on the requirement of the communication of patient, healthcare providers can immediately connect with patients that have any language difficulty or are deaf.

All in all, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) services are one of the oldest and most effective techniques of interpretation. It removes the hassle of the need for an on-site interpreter. It helps people with hearing or learning disabilities to get their message across barriers to the healthcare provider.

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