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What Is Video Remote Interpreting?

Why do You Need a Video Remote Interpretation Service?

The United States of America is a linguistically diverse country. Each state and city has a number of different people from various ethnic backgrounds who might face life-threatening challenges when they end up in a hospital emergency room. Not only that, the deaf have their own share of anxiety as they are unable to communicate as the doctors are not qualified or trained to understand sign language. There is a clear lack of interpreting services for deaf Americans as declared in a report by the American Sign Language according a report by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf or RID.

A Means to Establish Better Communication

The demand for a flawless interpreter has outweighed the supply for a long time. However, Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) technology allows doctors and medical/healthcare professionals to get instant access to language/sign language interpreters. The VRI relies on using state of the art technology such as cloud computing the internet’s latest buzzword that allows a qualified interpreter to be available when needed particularly in an emergency.

Simple and Easy to Use System

VRI is a new way to interact with patients. The system is relatively easy to use as the user interface and other related software does not require any specialized training. Now hospitals don’t need to have interpreters present all the time. When they require any interpretation services, all they need to do is contact an expert through the Video Remote Interpretation app on a phone or a laptop and begin communicating seamlessly and error free.

Cost Efficient Communication across Different Platforms Anytime

The convenience and accessibility makes video remote interpreting systems a one of a kind language interpretation service that helps hospitals stay productive and increase their patient satisfaction rate. Moreover, an effective VRI system does not require expensive and complex hardware that requires its own separate team of experts to run and manage. The equipment you might need to avail these services are already available at any clinic or hospital. An interpreting agency will require you to share contact details and credentials with each other. These credentials will be helpful in contacting and availing interpretation services as and when required.

The best feature of an effective VRI is its versatility and easy connectivity through any device using any platform 24/7 365 days. Be it iPhone, Android, MAC or PC, all devices are compatible with offering VRI services to different clients. Moreover, expert interpretation services offer error free translation of crucial medical terms and symptoms that will help doctors correctly diagnose and treat a patient.

The Bottom Line

VRI or Video Remote Interpreting systems have enjoyed massive popularity over the years through its affordability and ease of use. Several industries have relied on their services for a long time and now it’s essential for hospitals to make the most of this innovative and convenient communication system. Designed and run by experts, hospitals get a quick and timely response from experts working at a leading interpreting agency. To start using a state-of-art VRI system, go to https://www.frederickinterpreting.com/vri!

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