Who is a Video Remote Interpreter?

Video remote interpreter is a professional who helps in communication with people whose native languages are different. This process is carried out through videoconferencing rather than having on-site interpreting. VRI is extremely useful in the modern business age as it helps cater to customers that belong to a minority group.

Importance of a Video Remote Interpreter

A Video remote interpreter has massive significance because of the application of the service in various different industries and sectors such as corporate, business operations, and healthcare.

  • A remote video interpreter is useful when there is a lack of qualified and certified interpreters for example in rural areas
  • When there is an immediate need for interpretation or interpreter, and there is no interpreter available on-site.
  • When the customer is catered is on a different physical location and the demand for interpretation in urgent

How does Video Remote Interpreter work?

A Video remote interpreter requires videoconferencing equipment to communicate with the other person, and the person on the receiving end also needs to have a piece of similar equipment. The interpreter is usually located in a call center using headphones to interpret what the person on the other end trying to communicate.

If the person, on the other hand, is Deaf or Hard of Hearing, then the interpreter uses sign language to communicate using the web-camera. This method is highly convenient and feels as if the interpreter and the receiver both were in the same room.

How to find the right Video remote interpreter?

There are several video remote interpreters in the marketer that you can contact, but in order to make the process effective and communication robust, you need a professional, certified, skilled and experienced interpreter who can give you service any time of the day, seven days a week.

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