Why Should Your Organization Provide Video Remote Interpreting services?

Video remote interpreting is one of the best ways for individuals who find it hard to speak native languages, who have hearing disabilities and those with special needs to communicate on the internet through qualified and specialist interpreters. Moreover, it is also the best way for Chief Executive officers (CEOs), human resource managers and cross-region managers to easily communicate with their teams and make both operational and strategic decisions. For an organization, there are also countless customers who may not be fluent in English or their native language and will require interpreting services as a mode to communicate with customer representative officers. It is most evident in the medical industry, where patients of different cultures and backgrounds need expert interpreting services to seek effective and efficient healthcare delivery. Hence, it can be safe to say that it is the most convenient way to get help from language interpreters without taking scheduled appointments,

Here are some reasons why your organization should opt for video remote interpreting services.

Cost-Effective Non-Verbal Communication

As organizations are not hiring full-time language interpreters, on-demand interpreting services can be a good way to see the facial expressions and hand gestures of an interpreter to communicate effectively with others. Visual aids help make non-verbal communication meaningful and interactive for everyone who is part of an active conversation. Video remote interpreting can be bridged using an internet connection and desktop or mobile applications. It can be easily outsourced, helping reduce the costs of an in-house communications infrastructure.

Immediate Connection

The charm of video remote interpreting is in its ability to bridge the communication gap so that participants can coordinate and connect effectively. Because an interpreting agency specializes in providing round the clock services, your organization can benefit from fast connections, and zero delays.

Better Customer Service and Team engagement

Businesses and organizations can benefit from language interpreters both on-site and through remote access. If an on-site interpreter service is sought as a means to communicate better with customers and clients, it can help enhance the overall customer experience. On-site language interpreting services and video remote interpreting has seen rapid expansion in the healthcare sector, legal clinics, and even in the education sector. These services can be critical for elders and individual with hearing disabilities, leading to a reduction in pain and suffering, while ensuring their concerns are heard.

Video remote interpreting can also help translate documents in real-time. For cross-border managers with different language or disabilities, it can be an agent of change and enhanced productivity. As for organization who wish to provide equal opportunity for employers, using a video remote interpreter for employers and managers who are deaf can help make teamwork more inclusive, help team members feel more valuable and reduces the overall decision-making times. Additionally, it highlights how responsible an organization is.

Accurate transfer of Information

Effective communication is highly dependent on the transfer of accurate information. Video remote interpreting through its use of visual aids can help reduce translation errors and provides both professionals and customers with a meaningful platform that breaks down all barriers of communication. Specialist interpreting agencies provide expert remote interpreters who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) that is widely used in many North Americana and Asian countries. ASL is a complete natural language package with its own hand hearing gestures and grammar, requiring competent language interpreters.


Video remote interpreting (VRI) continues to expand to a variety of industries including airports, courts, hotels, healthcare providers, and educational sector. Not only it provides immediate and accurate assistance to those in needs, but it also serves as an amazing corporate meeting and collaboration solution. Hence, it is safe to say that it breaks down communication barriers.