Why do You Need a Video Remote Interpretation Service?

The United States of America is a linguistically diverse country. Each state and city has a number of different people from various ethnic backgrounds who might face life-threatening challenges when they end up in a hospital emergency room. Providing Video Remote Interpreting services allows the hospital staff to be able to communicate with the patient who uses a different language. Having access to VRI in the hospital will allow the staff to start the triage process and learn how they can help the patient until they can have a live on-site interpreter arrive at the scene.

A Means to Establish Better Communication

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) technology allows doctors and medical/healthcare professionals to get instant access to spoken language/sign language interpreters by pressing the call button on our app. VRI relies on using a device that has a webcam along with high-speed internet where both parties will be able to use the device without any technical errors. When using our VRI you will be able to connect with a qualified interpreter within 30 seconds, this helps particularly in emergency situations. For using a sign language interpreter it is important that the deaf patient sees the video screen as they need to see the interpreter, the medical staff does not need to see the interpreter or be present on the screen. You will hear the spoken language as it is not necessary to see the interpreter.

Simple and Easy to Use System

VRI is a new way to interact with patients through a video remote interpreter when you do not have access to having an on-site interpreter. The system is relatively easy to use as the user interface and other related software do not require any specialized training. When needing to secure an interpreter on demand you can do so easily by using our Video Remote Interpretation app on a phone or a laptop and begin communicating seamlessly

Cost-Efficient Communication across Different Platforms Anytime

The convenience of accessibility by using the Video Remote Interpreting systems is one of a kind service that helps hospitals stay compliant with the ADA along with communicating with patients without delay. When using VRI services you will be charged per minute once connected to the interpreter whereas having someone on-site has a time minimum for the interpreter to be on site.

The best feature of an effective VRI system is its versatility and easy connectivity through any device using any platform 24/7 365 days. whether it be on an iPhone, Android, MAC, or PC, all devices are compatible with offering VRI services to different clients.

The Bottom Line

Video Remote Interpreting systems have enjoyed massive popularity over the years through their affordability and ease of use. Several industries have relied on video remote interpreting services for a long time and now it’s essential for hospitals to make the most of this innovative and convenient communication system available for all patients. Not only is VRI great for the medical industry but it can also be used to conduct last-minute business meetings when finding someone onsite is no longer an option.