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We are a Deaf-owned interpreting agency that specializes in providing On-Site and Video interpreting services. The company was established in 2016 with a primary objective of ensuring that every Deaf individual receives maximum access to the communication interactions in all different setting types.


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Video Remote Interpretation

The convenience and accessibility make Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) systems
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On-Site Interpretation

We only provide interpreters who are nationally certified or have passed
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Document Translation

99%+ Accuracy. 24-Hour Delivery. 60+ Languages. 100% Customer Satisfaction.
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FIA Interpreting is a Deaf-owned interpreting agency, specializing in offering professional video and on-site interpretation services. Established in 2016, the primary objective of FIA Interpreting has always been to ensure that every Deaf person obtains equal and full access to all communication interactions in every type of setting.

Our interpreters in Frederick, along with other countries in Maryland and Washington DC, are nationally-certified or have passed our rigorous and comprehensive screening process to ensure the services of the highest standards and professionalism.

On-Site Interpreting Services (OSI)

Also, to ensure the delivery of professional interpreting services, we comply with the guidelines set by American Translators Association (or ATA) and Registry Interpreters for the Deaf (or RID) strictly. Additionally, we are proud to offer competitive pricing.

How does it work?

By definition, on-site interpreting services take place on the premises of where the communication interactions between the clients speaking various languages occur.

After receiving your request for services, we will allocate an appropriate interpreter who will offer your interpreting services at the promised location and time. After the completion of services, we will give you an invoice for the rendered services.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Works

Following are the advantages you may get by using our video remote interpreting services with FIA:

Being one of the leading interpreting services providers in Frederick, the quality of services offered by our interpreters is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. They are available within a matter of seconds of your call; scheduling is not required.

The accessibility and convenience make VRI (or Video Remote Interpreting) system one of a kind interpretation service that aids hospitals in staying productive and being able to communicate with their patients that do not use English as their primary language, with increased customer satisfaction rate being one of the many benefits from using VRI.

Additionally, an effective VRI system does not require complex and expensive hardware that requires its distinct team of experts to manage and run. The equipment you may require to avail these services will need you to share credentials and contact details. These credentials will help avail interpretation services and contact when required.

The top feature of an effective VRI is its easy connectivity and versatility through any device using any platform. Be it PC, MAC, Android, or iPhone, every device is compatible, offering VRI services to various clients. Additionally, professional interpretation services provide an error-free translation of critical medical symptoms and terms, aiding doctors correctly in diagnosing and treating a patient.

How does it work?

In video remote interpreting, the interpreter interprets the communication interactions between the clients speaking various languages remotely through a Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) platform. Our services stretch out to more than 200 languages, including the American Sign Language. All you need is a Wi-Fi/internet connection.

A professional document translating agency in Frederick with dependable, proven results

Are you looking for an agency that provides document translation services? You’ve come to the right place. At FIA Interpreting, we have not only been proudly serving a lengthy list of our clientele but also exceeding their expectations with the level of service that we offer. Our document translation services help personal needs, small, medium, and large-sized universities, schools, businesses, and governmental agencies. We not only deliver impeccable results always, but also take the time to acknowledge every organization and the needs of an individual to ensure the documents are translated using the writing level, tone, and proper style.

We guarantee that our quick turnaround, super secure, and reliable document translation services will satisfy you. Why wait then? Get started now!

How does it work?

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Our solutions



On-Site and Video Remote Interpreting services for corporations, small businesses and non-profit organizations.



Qualified and accurate communication in emergency rooms, physician visits, surgery, and wellness. ADA and HIPAA compliant.



Municipal, state or federal interpreting services for employees, associates and clients, customized to your needs.



Education-certified interpreters for K-12, collegiate and specialized settings to ensure full communication between educators and students.

Customer Satisfaction Is Our Priority


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