On-Site Interpreting

Anywhere. Anytime. Any Language. 60+ different languages, including American Sign Language. On-Site Interpreting is the most comprehensive method.

Our interpreters are friendly, professional, reliable, and will be present where you need them to bridge the communication gap. Request services or contact us to learn more!

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Benefits of On-Site Interpreting (OSI)

  • On-Site Interpreting is by far the most comprehensive method

  • The interpreter will be present in person with the client and customer/patient

  • Every party will have direct and complete access to communication and body language

  • Very affordable pricing

  • High quality interpreters who are nationally certified or have passed our rigorous screening

  • Our interpreters are equipped with masks and are committed to practice social distancing

  • Three ways to schedule an interpreter – call, email, or through the system

  • Large network of interpreters for many different languages, including American Sign Language

  • Our interpreters are friendly, polite, and professional

  • Highest standards and professionalism guaranteed by us

  • Customer service support included

How It Works

On-Site Interpreting occurs when our interpreters come on-site to facilities with communication between those who do not share the same language. There are certain instances in which there is no substitute for having no interpreter physically present, which makes On-Site Interpreting the most effective and valuable method of interpreting.

We are staffed with the most experienced interpreters. There are several different ways to place a request for On-Site Interpreting services. You can either call us at 240-409-7972, email us at schedule@frederickinterpreting.com, or place a request through your account in our scheduling system. We only provide interpreters who are nationally certified or have passed our rigorous screening process to ensure the services of the highest standards.

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FIA Interpreting On-Site Interpreting Services

We will send an invoice with a summary of all the details, including the duration, address, and name of the interpreter on a weekly basis after the services have been rendered. We have an industry-standard minimum of 2 hours for each On-Site Interpreting assignment. interpreter on a weekly basis. We have an industry-standard minimum of 2 hours for each On-Site Interpreting appointment. Contact us to learn more!


I used to hire ASL interpreters directly for our Deaf and Hard of Hearing clients, but it was frustrating having to work with each interpreter’s schedule. FIA Interpreting has taken so much weight off our shoulders, their American Sign Language interpreters are amazing and reliable! FIA Interpreting is very responsive and professional.
Richard DeHorst, Pixture Share

We were very pleased with the interpreter provided for our patient. Prompt responses and very professional. We will be using FIA for our future needs. Thank you!

Staff, Desai Medical Center

I used Frederick Interpreting Agency when I was hosting a last-minute health event. They were very accommodating and were able to secure a very professional ASL interpreter for my event on such short notice. The staff at FIA is very friendly and I know I can trust them with sending qualified interpreters to my events. I will be sure to use them again!

Victoria Gray, Victoria's Oasis

Our Team Principles


All of our interpreters are nationally certified or have passed our rigorous screening.


Our screening ensures we only provide the best of best interpreters to bridge the communication gap.


All of our interpreters strictly adhere to the guidelines of RID and ATA’s policies.

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