On Site Interpreting

On-Site Interpreting

On-site interpreting is a type of interpreting that takes place in person, with the interpreter and the individuals who need language assistance in the same physical location. This can happen in a variety of settings, such as medical appointments, legal proceedings, business meetings, and conferences.

The goal of on-site interpreting is to facilitate effective communication between people who speak different languages, and to ensure that everyone involved can understand and be understood. This type of interpreting requires not only language skills, but also cultural competence and interpersonal skills.

Some of the Advantages of On-Site Interpreting Include:


On-site interpreters have the advantage of being able to see and hear everything that is happening in the conversation, which can help them to provide a more accurate interpretation.


On-site interpreters can adapt to the specific needs of the situation, whether that means using a particular terminology, adapting to regional accents or addressing cultural nuances.

Improved Rapport

On-site interpreters can help to establish a rapport between the parties involved, which can lead to better communication and outcomes.

Most Comprehensive Method

On-site interpreting remains a critical tool for facilitating communication across language barriers in a variety of settings. By providing accurate and culturally sensitive interpretation services, on-site interpreters help to ensure that everyone can participate fully and equitably in a range of interactions, from medical appointments to legal proceedings and beyond.

How It Works

On-Site Interpreting occurs when our interpreters come on-site to facilities with communication between those who do not share the same language. There are certain instances in which there is no substitute for having no interpreter physically present, which makes On-Site Interpreting the most effective and valuable method of interpreting.

We are staffed with the most experienced interpreters. There are several different ways to place a request for On-Site Interpreting services. You can either call us at 240-409-7972, email us at schedule@frederickinterpreting.com, or place a request through your account in our scheduling system. We only provide interpreters who are nationally certified or have passed our rigorous screening process to ensure the services of the highest standards.

We will send an invoice with a summary of all the details, including the duration, address, and name of the interpreter on a weekly basis after the services have been rendered. We have an industry-standard minimum of 2 hours for each On-Site Interpreting assignment. interpreter on a weekly basis. We have an industry-standard minimum of 2 hours for each On-Site Interpreting appointment. Contact us to learn more!

Our Team Principles


All of our interpreters are nationally certified or have passed our rigorous screening.


Our screening ensures we only provide the best of best interpreters to bridge the communication gap.


All of our interpreters strictly adhere to the guidelines of RID and ATA’s policies.