How to Request Interpreting Services?

Need the assistance of a professional interpreter to get you started with the expansion of your business overseas? Or require the assistance of a skilled medical interpreter to treat your Deaf/Hard of Hearing and/or LEP patients? Well, you will have to request for interpreting services.

Never requested interpreting services before? Do not worry as it is a very simple process and you can hire a professional interpreter with utmost convenience by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Do Your Research

There are interpreting service providers such as Frederick Interpreting Agency in the country that have a team of interpreters for every industry. Choosing such companies is an excellent option for your company unless you are from the healthcare sector. The healthcare industry is where you will need industry-specific interpreters who have complete knowledge of the technical terms.

Therefore, you need to research and list the most reliable interpretation agencies. A possible way to check the reliability of an agency is to go through the reviews. Make sure that the interpreters they have are skilled enough to interpret the industry-specific terms. It is one of the most important factors when choosing the right agency for your interpretation needs.

Step 2: Making the Request

Found the perfect interpreter services provider? Now you need to make the request. There are three options that you can choose from which includes a request by a phone-call, by e-mail, or through the website.

If you are in an urgent need for an interpreter, you need to request by directly calling the agency. It is the fastest and the most efficient way to make an urgent request for an interpreter. If you do not need interpretation service urgently, you may e-mail the company or request for their services through their website.

Online requesting through the company’s online portal is an efficient way. Companies such as [company name] have perfectly user-friendly request portals which help them efficiently manage all the requests.

Step 3: Entering the Information

When making the request, you have to add some essential details without which the company may not respond to your interpreter request. You need to provide the name of your business, its location, contact details, the type of interpreters you need, and the industry in which you are operating.

Step 4: Confirmation of the Request

The interpreter agency will confirm your request with details about the availability of the interpreter. If the interpreters are not available, the agency will let you know when you can get the services. Make sure you provide accurate information as the agency will contact you through the e-mail or contact number that you provided in your interpreter request.

Looking for a reliable interpreter agency in town? We at Frederick Interpreting Agency are known for providing the corporate as well as the healthcare sector with highly qualified and professional interpreters! Contact us today and request for a reliable interpreter today!