The Languages That Will Dominate the World in 10 Years

The world that we live in has begun to accept the concept of globalization. Globalization has shrunk the world, and it is what is helping businesses expand their roots in foreign countries. Moreover, it is due to globalization that experts from all around the world can easily collaborate to design better treatments.

English and Russian have long dominated the international stage but several other languages are gaining a firm footing in the international market. Businesses that are thinking about business expansion on an international level must know the languages that will be dominating the international stage in the coming years.

Thinking of spreading the roots of your business overseas in the coming years? Here is the list of languages that will dominate the world in ten years.

Mandarin Chinese

Spoken by 1.296 billion people all across thirty-eight countries, Chinese is the world’s most widely spoken language. The major reason for the rapid increase in popularity is the large population of Chinese people. Taking into consideration the massive economic shift in China, we can say that the Chinese language will be one of the most dominant languages on the international stage. According to economic analysts, by 2050, China will become the leading economy in the world.


The second most widely spoken language around the world today is Spanish. It is being spoken in 31 countries today, and it is the language of conversation of 513 million people. A surprising fact about the language that there are more Spanish speakers outside of Spain than the country itself.


Two other languages that are expected to establish their presence on the international forefront are Hindi and Urdu. The rapidly increasing population of India and Pakistan is one of the major reasons why these two languages will become dominant on an international level. Currently, 534.2 million people are speaking Hindi, and 163.2 million speakers are speaking Urdu.


English has always been a dominant language on an international scale. Even in the coming ten years, this language will stay a notable one. Currently, it is the third most widely spoken language in the world. The number of English speakers around the world today is as high as 1.121 billion. The language has long been used as an international language of business.


Arabic was only spoken in the Emirates region, but today, the language has spread across 58 countries with 313.2 Arabic speakers. It is one of the fastest-growing languages that is building its reputation at an international level. It is the fourth-most widely spoken language around the world.

These are the top five languages that will dominate the international level of collaboration in the coming ten years. Other languages that are expected to follow suit include Russian, Japanese, German, and French. If you want to spread your business’s horizon beyond the boundaries of your country, you must know the languages that you will have to work with!

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