Using Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) in 2021

While our technology continues to evolve and advance at an unprecedented pace, we must be reminded that our country has also been becoming increasingly more diverse at a rapid pace. A medical office is much more likely to have a patient that does not use spoken English as their primary language than ever.

How do you solve that? It is possible that you have one or two employees who know how to speak Spanish or sign American Sign Language minimally, but is this ethic and from a legal standpoint, safe, to utilize them as interpreters or translators? Here is a great guide on the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) laws. The guide specifically focuses on medical offices, but it also applies to all entities with 15 or more employees, including state and local governments.

Not only that misinterpretation by someone who is not licensed or certified to do the job will leave your business with a wide-open door for lawsuits, additionally, your business is also simply not utilizing the best available tools and practices. Additionally, the patient will have a negative and stressful experience due to the language barrier as health is of paramount importance.

As mentioned above, our technology has been advancing at an unprecedented pace. It is almost unheard of for a business office not to have access to the internet. This is where Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) comes into the picture. To describe Video Remote Interpreting in a few sentences, Video Remote Interpreting is a system that allows users to utilize video interpreters remotely through a video or audio platform.

One of the best Video Remote Interpreting providers nationwide is Frederick Interpreting Agency. They are located in Frederick, Maryland, close to Washington DC, and they provide Video Remote Interpreting services nationwide. Their system is so user-friendly that there is no training required, although they will provide complimentary training if needed. 

Here is their webpage to book a complimentary demonstration session.

All you will need is a computer or tablet with a camera and access to the internet and you will instantly be connected to Frederick Interpreting Agency’s extraordinarily large network of video interpreters for more than 100 different languages, including American Sign Language. The arguably best part is that they have no monthly, setup, or other fees. You only pay $1.75 per minute as you use their Video Remote Interpreting services. 

It is important to note that all of their American Sign Language interpreters, in addition to foreign language interpreters, are nationally certified or have passed their rigorous screening process. 

While it can hardly be argued that on-site interpreters are more effective than video remote interpreters, it is not always an option. Interpreters for many different languages, including American Sign Language, are sacred. They are typically booked several weeks in advance and it can be tough to secure an interpreter with short notice. In addition, not all medical offices are located within close proximity to interpreters. There are many more factors that could contribute to a medical office’s inability to utilize on-site interpreters.

If you work for a medical office or are a regular patient at a medical office that does not utilize Video Remote Interpreting services, please visit Frederick Interpreting Agency at or contact them by emailing them at! Alternatively, you can call them at 240-409-7972.