Creative Ways to Use Video Conferencing as an Interpreting Tool

Over the paradigm shift in technology, the advances provide users with a number of benefits, as compared to the old fashion methods of using basic means of communication such as emailing and communicating over the phone. While these segments are the fundamentals of communication, the advance in technology and the wide range of unique platforms have made communication easier through its verticals of improvement. Considering this para of scope, communication segments like video conferencing as shed-light on the spectrum of businesses alike. While many foreigners and non-native speakers are constantly challenged in a number of ways, video conferencing has become an essential way to provide non-native speakers with the beneficial betterment of communication and comprehension. Since there are a number of platforms out there to consider, in this review we will be diving into the aspects of the creative ways how video conferencing can be utilized to establish a sound method to interpretation services for those that are challenged by any language/dialect.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is starting to become a vital way to connect with individuals, regardless if the establishment is based on a business or personal perspective. Video Conferencing is the mode of connecting two video and audio enabled devices, allowing both individuals from both sides to communicate while being able to see each other and the surrounding environments. An exceptional example is Skype, an online platform (free and paid accounts) that allows this advantage.

How It is Beneficial

For interpreters, while most of their services are backed by knowledge, skill set and experience, sometimes going the extra mile to provide their clients with the right set of an idea is essential. The following are some methods in which interpreters/interpreter-seekers can consider over the benefits that it comes with;

  • Facial Expressions – communication is essential, and sometimes facial expressions are another mode of communication that many people administer on a daily basis, with or without them knowing about it. From the look of facial expression, we are able to tell of how a person feels about something, or what they are trying to convey. Facial expressions are tied to the set of emotions that depicts their overall facial appearances. Some of these facial expressions can help us determine if the person is upset, frustrated, happy, sad, lonely, heartbroken, confused, etc…
  • Physical Imagery – While a professional interpreter will do their level best to commute such a message, in some cases misconception can lead to an everlasting toll of frustration and confusion. Therefore, with video conferencing, if there is something an interpreter-seeker does not understand, the interpreter can physically show the individuals over the topic which is being discussed. For example, the professional interpreter can execute and communicate by showing a deck of flashcards that may help to establish communication/conveyance of such a message.

Final Conclusion

Video conferencing not only serves as vital mode of communication, but it also helps to embark visual communication which can be vitally essential for those that have trouble communicating in languages that they are unfamiliar with. To learn more about video conference Interpretation, visit our website at today and don’t forget to sign-up to get exclusive insights over the industry of interpretation services.