The three types of interpretation services are on-site, over-the-phone, and video remote interpreting, on-site interpretation is the oldest and most effective interpreting process!

With the demand for interpreters at its peak today, numerous interpretation service providers have sprung out in every corner of the world. The need for global expansion and excessive immigration are the primary reasons behind such a high demand for interpretation services.

All interpretation service providers offer a variety of different interpreter services to companies and organizations. Over-the-Phone Interpreting (used for spoken languages), on-site interpreting, and video remote interpreting (Used for American Sign Language, ASL) are the three most common types of interpreting services providers have access to. Each of these types offers a unique set of features and provide benefits for different situations.

On-Site Interpretation – Oldest and the Most Effective Method

When talking about interpreting service, on-site interpreting has been in use for over decades. Even though it is the oldest type of interpreting process, it is still one of the most effective ones. On-site interpretation (OSI) is when an interpreter is physically onsite to interpret the spoken or sign language to the consumer.

Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting are the two categories of on-site interpretation. When an interpreter and the source speaker take turns to listen and speak, it is consecutive interpreting. Until a source speaker finishes, the interpreter takes down notes. When the speaker finishes, the interpreter translates or interprets it in the target language. Simultaneous interpreting is when the interpreter interprets side-by-side the source speaker.

As compared to all other types of interpretation methods, the on-site interpretation is by far the most effective. It offers numerous benefits to the companies who choose this service.

Accuracy and Efficiency

OSI is the most effective option because an interpreter is physically present and onsite. With the interpreter physically present the consumer has access to see the live interpreter without any technical disruptions.

Easy to Interpret Body Language

In many cultures, body language plays a vital role in communication. Taking, for example, in China, people greet each other by bowing, and shaking hands is not much appreciated. You can only know this when you will have an interpreter present at your side. An on-site interpreter can help you accurately understand the situation.

A More Personal Approach

By having an interpreter physically present at your side, you can approach the speaker on a personal level. It is very beneficial for a businessperson as it helps them strengthen their business relationship.

Perfect for Breaking Language and Culture Barriers

OSI is the perfect way to break down language and culture barriers. When there are culture or language barriers, there is a higher chance of building trust and strengthening the business relationship.

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